Helping You Shift to a Healthier Plant-Based Diet

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition."  
~Thomas Edison


Heal the Body
Through Plants


Our commitment to...


First and foremost, we are a vegan company. We are doing our small part in the fight for justice and promise never to harm, sell, or use any animal byproducts in our business.

Human Health

We work closely with some of the leading plant-based medical doctors to help deliver great foods from around the world that help maintain positive health all the while reducing the stress on the national medical system and the trillions of dollars spent covering up the symptoms of poor lifestyle choices.

Planet Earth

We work hard towards a sustainable future. Did you know that plant-based eating is 10x more sustainable for the food system than meat alternatives?

Are you at risk of Vitamin Deficiency?

More Doctors Recommend Plant-Based Diets for a Healthier Life

The Risk of Vitamin Deficiency is Higher for Vegans and Plant-Based

Our Health Pack Reduces the Risk of Vitamin Deficiency with Premium Foods

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Important Medical Information

We are not doctors or medical professionals. Each person's nutritional requirements are unique. Please consult with a medical professional to determine if testing, medication, or dietary changes are right for you. We simply provide foods that contain certain nutrition elements.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where people are woken up and have a focus on health. Where farmers markets have more people shopping in them than the junk food aisle of the corporate grocery stores. There is a growing revolution to heal the body not through pills, but through health. And we want to share our story and our journeys with you.

Meet the team

Andrew Alexander, Founder & Chief Executive Officer - Vegan Health Pack

Adelle Goodman

Content Writer & SEO

Originally from the US, Adelle has been traveling Southeast Asia as a digital nomad since 2019. Her ethos is focused on helping companies make the world a better place, including SEO and content writing for vegan, ethical, sustainable, NGO, and charity organizations.

Ashlen Weddington

Certified Health Coach

Ashlen is a certified health coach through U.C. San Diego's Extension Integrative Nutrition Program. She was taught the foundations of science-based nutrition, as well as using concepts from Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, and Chinese medicine for healing. She is also a Vinyasa/Hatha certified yoga instructor.

Andres Velarde

 Social Media

Andres is a Vegan chef and Animal rights influencer from Lima, Peru and is currently a social media coordinator for many Vegan organizations.

In the Media...

No One Should Ever Go Hungry Due to Financial Limitations

Our “Vegan Health First” Program Provides a Select Number of Free Subscriptions to Individuals Who Otherwise Couldn’t Afford Them.

7+ Essential Nutrients Pack

"What if instead of taking pills that are made from chemical compounds in a lab, we can get all our essential nutrients straight from natural sources?"

Andrew Alexander

Founder & CEO

Vitamin D







A world of medicinal foods

Of the 250,000 Edible Plants in the World, We Only Consume About 200 of Them. Vegan Health Pack Will Take You on a Journey Around the World to Introduce Healthier Eating

Explore South America!

The first step of our Vegan Health Pack journey takes us to South America, home of the Amazonian Rainforest and various medicinal herbs and plants that provide a solution to all-natural health.

#001 - Artichoke Leaf Extract - Peru 
Did you know that Artichoke Leaf Extract has been clinically proven to reduce LDL cholesterol? Many people also take it as a supplement for liver health, metabolism, and blood sugar levels.

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Featured Product of the Month

Artichoke Leaf Extract

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We are not medical experts. If you have a specific medical condition or you would like to try one of our products to help with a specific medical need, please consult your doctor as each person's health needs are unique. Our team enrolls the help of university-certified plant-based nutrition coaches where they can provide health coaching and articles for general information. Any research findings published on this website are directly and/or indirectly quoted from third-party non-biased medical journals or research studies.

Yes! Always. In fact, they are Super Vegan - Where a portion of every purchase goes towards helping our non-profit partners dismantle the factory farming system by helping slaughterhouse workers transition to plant-based agriculture jobs :)

Yes. We are a team of remote workers and could always use a hand with ways to expand our business into the Vegan world.

Please feel free to contact us at

Currently, we are able to deliver our products to the continental United States. If you live outside of the US and would like our products, contact us at

We're a Climate Positive Company!

Through our Partnership with Ecologi, we plant enough trees to a dedicated forest every month to offset all transportation, manufacturing, and deliveries combined!

After a 2010 earthquake, Haiti still lacks clean drinking water. We actively support a project helping 2,580 families delivering over 250 million liters of water to their homes each year.

To Date, We've Offset 11.03 Tons of Carbon Emissions!


Helping Your Shift to a Healthy Plant-Based Diet

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