6 Health Benefits of Artichokes & Artichoke Leaf Extract

health benefits of artichokes and artichoke leaf extract

When I think of artichokes, my mind goes to artichoke dips and marinated artichoke hearts on top of pizza. Delicious, right? I’m sure when considering artichokes, your mind doesn’t go to “superfood” or “health food”. However, there is research to support that artichoke leaf extract  can be beneficial for reducing bad (LDL) cholesterol, preventing heart disease, reducing blood pressure, and more!

Article by: Ashlen Weddington, Certified Health Coach

 Artichoke Leaf Extract has been clinically proven to reduce cholesterol and is recommended by the National Library of Medicine in the prevention of heart disease and atherosclerosis. Interestingly, Artichoke Leaf Extract was one of the only few herbal remedies where clinical trials have matched the experimental studies through extensive biomedical herbal remedy research. This means that ongoing research seems to indicate that artichokes have medicinal qualities. [1]

    1. Reduce Bad (LDL) Cholesterol & Increase Good (HDL) Cholesterol

      One use of Artichoke Leaf Extract that showed significant results is using the supplement for people with high LDL cholesterol. For example, "During a six-week double blind, randomized, placebo controlled, multi-center clinical trial, patients who received 1,800 mg artichoke extract per day had a 22.9% reduction in LDL-cholesterol compared to 6.3% for those given a placebo."[2] Another clinical trial has shown that Artichoke Leaf Extract increases the level and ratio of "good" HDL Cholesterol [3]

        2. Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease & Atherosclerosis

          Since Artichoke Leaf Extract can help reduce LDL cholesterol, the extract can also lower hypercholesterolaemia, which is a high amount of cholesterol found in the blood. Hypercholesterolaemia can lead to atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease over time. There is limited data on Artichoke Leaf Extract for the prevention of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis, but this may be the case if ALE has the potential to lower hypercholesterolaemia.

            3. Blood Pressure Reduction

              Artichoke Leaf Extract has not specifically been studied for blood pressure reduction, but artichoke leaf juice has been. In a randomized, placebo-controlled trial consisting of patients with mild hypertension, it was found that, “...the use of artichoke juice concentrate may have a blood pressure-lowering effect in mild hypertension”. [5]

                4. Liver Health

                  Animal studies have been conducted to determine if artichoke extracts are beneficial to the liver at all. It was found that liquid extracts of the roots and leaves of artichoke have demonstrated an ability to protect the liver, and potentially even to help liver cells regenerate. Although this was not a human study, these results are certainly promising. [6]

                  **The above study is something we quoted. Vegan Health Pack and our suppliers never tests products on animals :)

                    5. Digestive Health

                      An additional benefit of this medicinal plant is that it may improve digestive health. According to an article published on PubMed, “Although research is not yet conclusive, scientists were optimistic that its long-standing use in humans for digestive and bowel problems was indeed justified”. [6]

                      On top of this, artichokes are very high in fiber, and this can help keep bowel movements regular.

                        6. Blood Sugar

                          Artichoke Leaf Extract may also help manage blood sugar. A study showed that, “Boiled wild artichoke reduces postprandial glycemic and insulinemic responses in normal subjects but has no effect on metabolic syndrome patients”. [6]

                          Possible Interactions and Safe Usage

                          While Artichoke Leaf Extract is natural and comes from a commonly-consumed vegetable, please pay special attention and speak with a licensed physician if you have any questions about this product. Speak with your doctor before use if any of the following apply to you:

                          • Bile Duct Obstruction                                                                                    
                          • Allergies                                                                                                              
                          • Pregnancy or Breastfeeding                                                                                
                          • Gallstones                                                                                                           
                          • Taking Prescription Medication

                          Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur, including rash or allergic reaction.This product is not intended for use by any persons under the age of 18.


                          Artichoke Leaf Extract has proven to have many benefits, and artichokes can be considered a medicinal food. If you are interested in trying the Artichoke Leaf Extract, the product can be found here: https://veganhealthpack.com/products/artichoke-leaf-extract.

                          Consult your primary doctor before incorporating any new supplement into your diet, especially if you experience any of the previously listed symptoms.

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                          About the Author - Ashlen Weddington

                          ashlen weddington health coach

                          My education and certification is through the UCSD Extension Integrative Nutrition Program. Through this program I was taught foundations of science-based nutrition, as well as using concepts from Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, and Chinese medicine for healing. I believe in bio individuality; there is no ideal diet for everyone. The best way for you to eat will be different from myself and your best friend; YOU are unique.

                          I incorporate my knowledge of yoga, breath work and meditation, into health coaching. I received my 200hr yoga teacher certificate in Vinyasa/Hatha yoga through Yandara Yoga Institute, and 21 hour restorative yoga training through Yoga Garden SF.

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