New Type of Business Model that Creates World-Changing Organizations

Andrew Alexander
Founder & CEO of Vegan Health Pack.

After being diagnosed with multiple vitamin deficiencies as a 3-year vegan, I founded Vegan Health Pack to share my journey on improving my own personal life through plants. Many of the foods I share with you in my products are the very things that helped me get my health back on track.

My name is Andrew Alexander and I am the Founder & CEO of Vegan Health Pack.

In addition to helping improve people's health and indirectly decrease animal suffering by removing the fears of adopting plant-based and vegan diets, I have a passion for business.

I truly believe that when used the right way, businesses have the greatest impact for changing the world for the better.

When you look at companies such as Beyond Meat, Tesla, Solar City and other environmentally friendly companies, all good companies make profits.

But what we do with these profits are what we want to make a real difference with.

As our company grows, we want to build out a new type of business model to inspire other businesses.

In a previous article we talked about the Brave New Life Project, where they set to make a difference in the world by helping workers in the animal agriculture industry transition to more sustainable and cruelty-free professions.

As a supporter of this organization, we made a small donation through their GoFundMe Campaign to help them get started financially.

And it gave me an idea.

With registration, website, and startup costs for non-profit organizations such as Brave New Life running somewhere less than $1,000; what if we created a business model that is an engine that fuels the creation of thousands of organizations like this.

It would look like this:

  1. We open applications on our website: Individuals who are passionate about making a change in the world that aligns with our health conscious, vegan, and environmentally friendly values would apply for the program.
  2. Each month we help jump start one new organization: This could be a startup business idea, a grass roots or non-profit organization. We contribute $500-$1,000 as well as any mentorship and resources to help them get started.
  3. They grow and change the world: Through their passion, their dedication, and their hard work - they make the change they want to see in the world.

So within the first 5 years, 60 different organizations could be up and running and impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people over the course of their existence.

So instead of Vegan Health Pack being simply a for-profit business, we would like to serve as a machine that accelerates the transition to a more vegan-friendly and healthy planet Earth.

And if we can work these contributions into our financials, this could inspire other companies to do the same.

If you are interested in this program, fill out this contact form on our website lettings us know about your idea!


Andrew Alexander, Founder & CEO of Vegan Health Pack, L.L.C.

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