This Organization Helps Transition Animal Ag. Workers into Vegan-Friendly Jobs

This vegan organization provides free job training and placement for workers transitioning out of animal agriculture and into jobs that are more humane, sustainable, and prosperous.

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At Vegan Health Pack, we want to support new and established non-profit organizations that support human health, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. We invite you to join us in our pledge to their GoFundMe Campaign.

The Necessity for the Transition

There's no doubt you've heard that plant-based diets can provide benefits for not only human health and animal welfare, but also the positive impact it has on environmental sustainability.

Studies have shown that this industry is responsible for:

  • 70% of global deforestation,
  • $38,000,000,000.00 of American tax dollars subsidized annually, and
  • 775 Million tons of grain fed to livestock used for meat consumption

But it doesn't stop there.

Many Americans and immigrants live slightly above the poverty line and are unable to provide themselves and their children a decent quality of life because they have very little other choices for employment.

As a result, they are forced into a dangerous and unnecessary industry!

The Physical and Emotional Toll on Workers and Their Families

I was just reading an article that outlines the true extent of the impact working in the Animal Agriculture industry has on the worker's lives and the financial insecurity that carries over to their loved ones.

Numerous studies have shown that many workers not only experience long-term physical problems and the risk of injury working in this environment, but also the emotional toll leads to psychological disorders such as PTSD and PITS - symptoms that include depression, constant nightmares, and disassociation.

In the article linked above, they say because meat companies work on such slim margins, they managers have to put preference on the speed of the production line over employee safety, which puts these workers even more at risk.

So Why Don't They Just Quit?

Because many of the workers are immigrants that come from other countries, are people who find it hard to qualify for a job elsewhere, and many of them face the fear of going hungry after their next paycheck; they can't voice their concerns to anybody who is in a position to make a difference - which allows the cycle to continue forever.

Fortunately, with the vision of Brave New Life, they are working for a way to help people get out of this dying industry...

The Upcoming Rise of Plant-Based Agriculture Jobs

As a business ourselves, we often times look at industry trends. Changes in governmental regulations, customer buying patterns, and themes in the mainstream media often times carry over to consumer buying patterns.

The Economist called 2019 "The Year of the Vegan" where all the hard work the Vegan community was doing behind the scenes have finally reached a tipping point.

The animals thank you for standing up for them!

Companies that have been in existence for many years such as Beyond Meat started taking off and even getting their products into fast food chains like Burger King and KFC.

So how does this help place factory farm workers?

With this success, where do you think Beyond Meat gets their pea protein from? Plant-based agriculture jobs!

By riding the wave of trends, it's possible to notice which specific industries are expanding - more specifically industries that attract workers that previously worked in slaughterhouses and don't have access to higher levels of education.

The U.S. Industrial Hemp Market is one of them.


How Brave New Life Helps Others Create Plant-Based Jobs

Firstly, they are helping Ranchers and Animal Ag workers who see their industry declining, profit margins going down, and more public support move away from the business practices that worked in the past.

They do this by offering education and consultation services to help them transition their farms and their systems to Sustainable plant farming.

Imagine what it would look like if ranchers began allocating large portions of their land towards activities that supported plant-based farming.

Imagine the difference it would make if they had the education, the tools, and the resources to create a sustainable business model that can begin creating jobs.

Providing Job Placement Services to Slaughterhouse Workers

The second part of their mission is to help slaughterhouse workers take control of their future and no longer be reliant on the harsh conditions they once faced in the past.

They do this by providing free and immediate job replacement through employment services.

If you are interesting in supporting this organization, visit

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