Vegan Protein Powder Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Vegan Protein Powder Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Whether you are looking to add more protein to your daily meal plan or want a ready-to-drink post-workout recovery drink, vegan protein powders can help you achieve your goals.

Protein is a critical component of any diet with undeniable benefits to the entire body.

Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions that fuel doubts about its true benefits.

Let’s debunk some of the most common protein powder myths!


Most Common Myths Concerning Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan athletes can thrive on a plant-based diet.

Merging nutrient-rich plants into a protein-dense and convenient powder is a valuable tool for vegans looking to reach their athletic ambitions. So, what are some common myths against vegan diet protein powder?

Myth 1: Vegan protein powder contains incomplete proteins

One reason some look down on vegan protein powders is that they have the impression that the proteins are not complete. This means they are less nutritious and useful compared to animal-based proteins.

This is not true.

Fact: While some plants do not contain all the amino acids the body requires for fuel, it does not mean that they are incomplete. It is possible to get all nine amino acids by selectively combining unique sources of protein. Therefore, some powders contain a blend of hemp, pea protein, brown rice, and spirulina to offer a balanced and complete amino acid profile.

Myth 2: There’s not enough protein

The general assumption is that one needs to take in loads of protein every day to stay active and healthy, which leads to the thought there is no way anyone can get all their protein from plant sources.

Fact: The daily  recommended allowance for protein is only about 10 percent of the average person’s total daily calories. A vegan can keep his or her daily intake to up to 12 percent, and it is common for these numbers to rise well beyond that. In fact, vegan athletes manage to get about 23 percent of their total calories a day from protein!

Myth 3: Vegan protein powders don’t support muscle growth

One of the most popular protein powder myths is that plant protein does not bind to muscle for growth.

Fact: Study shows that certain plant proteins (especially rice protein) can help in the generation of muscle thickness. Further, plant proteins help create a lean body mass that is equivalent to body mass created through the intake of animal protein. 

With plant-based protein shakes, you can be one powerful vegan athlete! 

Do Vegans Need Protein Powder?

Vegan powder

If you consume a vegan diet with protein-rich foods, it might be unnecessary to add additional protein powder to your meals.

However, if you have time to make a healthy smoothie but not a proper meal, using a plant-based protein powder is convenient. You may also opt for the powder if you work out frequently or are involved in athletic activities that burn more calories during the day.

The best kind of protein powders are vegan (dairy and lactose-free) and offer all the amino acids you require for building muscle and staying lean. The positive effects of protein powder from plant sources include:

  • Reducing digestive stress
  • Increasing your diet diversity
  • Increase the chances of losing weight
  • Unexpected benefits like reducing soreness and fight inflammation

So, can vegans have protein powder? Yes, but it truly depends on your dietary choices and requirements.

Is Whey Powder Bad for You?

For starters, whey protein powders are not vegan. They derive from milk that contains both casein and whey proteins, while vegan powders come from various plant protein sources, including spinach and tofu.

Here are a few health and environmental reasons whey powder is not good for you are:

Overall, the side effects of whey protein far outweigh the benefits.

In Conclusion

While a few loyal whey protein enthusiasts have their doubts—often citing the protein powder myths above—plant-based proteins provide incredible benefits. So, if you are giving vegan protein a serious thought, be assured that you are not compromising your nutrition.

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