What Are the Top Benefits of Superfoods?

What Are the Top Benefits of Superfoods?

“Superfood” is a term coined to refer to foods that contain minimal calories yet offer maximum nutritional benefits. These foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a lot of other nutrients. No wonder they are considered nutritional powerhouses! 

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For now, there are no available standard criteria or legal classifications to determine which of our edibles are considered superfoods. However, experts say that the majority of superfoods sold by the health food industry are derived from nature and its fruits, vegetables, berries, roots, barks and herbs. So let’s dig deeper into the benefits of superfoods!

What Are the Top Ten Superfoods?

There is currently no scientifically-based definition of what constitutes a superfood. In fact, foods are labeled as “superfood” when they are proven to have several health benefits or can prevent illness and diseases.

The term was first used in an advertising campaign by The United Fruit Company during the early 20th century around the 1st World War. Basically, the purpose was to promote the company’s major import of bananas. Then, the term became ubiquitously quoted in medical journals and later on became popularly synonymous with presumptive health benefits.

Fast forward to today. Superfoods are everywhere and are widely accessible in supermarkets, health-food stores and online shops. So, if you are looking to include superfoods in your meal, here are the top ten superfoods to look out for.


One of the healthiest foods in nature are berries. They are known to be high in fiber and rich in antioxidants. These fruits are also packed with vitamin C and potassium. They are not only good at fighting inflammation and lowering cholesterol levels but are also key in minimizing skin wrinkles and keeping your endocrine system strong.


Turmeric is popularly known as an ayurvedic  spice. In fact, it is one of the main ingredients of curry powder. The turmeric root powder is not solely used for food and cooking seasoning, though—it has many  powerful medicinal properties. Drinking turmeric tea alone can boost your immune function, as well as manage diabetes, lung, and liver conditions. 

Mankai Duckweed

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The smallest flowering plants currently in existence are called duckweeds. A new high-protein aquatic plant strain of duckweed is called Mankai. According to the researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), Mankai duckweed is beneficial for diabetics, as it provides glycemic control after carbohydrate consumption. Mankai duckweed powder is currently used in meat analogues and beverages. 


A lot of people are familiar with moringa, because of its medicinal properties. It has been around for generations and is used by many cultures for its numerous health benefits. Some of the healthful compounds of moringa include vitamin A, calcium, zinc, and iron. Moringa superfood can alleviate and treat different health conditions, including asthma, anemia, diabetes, and cancer. It can also enhance the elasticity and vitality of skin and hair.


Mushrooms are definitely not only used for culinary enhancements. They are versatile superfoods packed with vitamins. This favorite pizza topping and pasta ingredient can promote a healthy immune system and improve bone health. Mushrooms also have no cholesterol or gluten, and therefore can prove very beneficial as meal ingredients for those trying to lose weight.

Ginko Biloba and Gotu Kola

Some of the ultimate superfoods for brain health come from the power of herbs. Both ginko biloba and gotu kola are the ultimate brain boosters, bringing oxygen to the brain and providing cerebral-enhancing benefits. Ginkgo is one of the oldest tree species and is used to treat stroke and cancer-related conditions. Gotu kola is known as the herb of longevity and is used most widely for anxiety, stress and depression relief. Taking these herbs regularly will help you maintain sharp memory, manage stress, and lower the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and mental decline.

Leafy Greens

A healthy diet wouldn’t be complete without leafy greens. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and low in calories. They also provide some of the highest sources of calcium in nature that the body needs to keep tissues and organs alkalized. Some of the leafy vegetables you must include in your grocery list are Cabbage, Kale, Spinach, Beet Greens, Romaine Lettuce, and more. 


Looking for something to snack on? Go for nuts! They are one of the healthiest snack options available, since they offer many health benefits in addition to a high fat content that keeps us full and energized. Munching on nuts can increase heart health, boost the immune system, accelerate digestive function and reduce the risk of cancer. In fact, one study even shows that people who eat nuts live longer than those who don’t.

Olive Oil

Another source of healthy fat is olive oil. Aside from fatty acids, it comes packed with vitamins E and K. By adding olive oil to your meals, you decrease the risk of cancer and cognitive impairment. Additionally, olive oil can lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation, which can cause heart disease.

Dark Chocolate

Ending the list is a bittersweet dessert that most of us love - dark chocolate. According to research, dark chocolate is found to have high flavonoids content. This compound offers cardioprotective effects, such as coronary heart disease and cancer prevention. Enjoying a piece can also help reduce your stress, provide  you with more energy and boost your serotonin levels.

Main Health Benefits of Eating Superfoods

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The main benefits of superfood consumption are producing a better and healthier version of you. Superfoods have high vitamin and mineral content. Making superfoods a part of your way of eating can help you prevent various kinds of diseases or even their onset. Furthermore, they come with beauty benefits, such as promoting a healthy complexion, hair, nails, and other parts of your body.

Add Superfoods to a Well-Balanced Diet

There is no doubt that superfoods provide us with multiple health benefits. However, you may fail to get the benefits of superfoods if they are the only food you consume. Too much of anything is bad for you, and this includes superfoods! Interesting, right?  The key is to incorporate superfoods into a well-balanced and nutritious diet and engage in regular physical activities to achieve optimum health holistically. Seeking the support of health communities can also help you boost your health goals and help you become successful.

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