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In 2020 and 2021, we are in production of a documentary e-Series that outlines the benefits of a plant-based diet and compassionate vegan lifestyle.

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Project Outline

1. The Vision for an All-Vegan Future

The documentary begins by showing a world that we are all aligned in fighting for. People are healthy. The environment is clean. People are more compassionate not only towards animals, but this carries over towards one another. And most notably: Animals are liberated and living free. Our work is complete and life is beautiful.

2. Why Do People Go Vegan?

Why are so many people choosing to be vegan? This is where we build our air-tight case about all the benefits of veganism and how it is the best solution for human health, animal welfare, and planet earth. We talk about everything from people reversing diseases with plant-based diets to combating secondary side effects such as the PTSD faced by workers in slaughterhouses, their family life, deforestation, water depletion, food waste, and world hunger.

Now, how do we get there?

3. How To Go Vegan

In the military, recruits go through basic training. Medical doctors go through a set curriculum and firefighters have their own types of training programs. But what about "The Vegan Onboarding Process"? What are the steps people have taken to go vegan themselves? It can be with the right resources to learn from, doctors to follow, documentaries to watch, and books to read on the subject. Different plant-based recipes and Vegan food products that make it easy to shift this way. The community aspect involved where cities have people that raise awareness and social media groups to make the community spread.

4. Why Do People Stay Vegan?

This is where we all need our compelling reason to lock this new lifestyle in place. We can show footage from animal sanctuaries showing the real emotions of animals as living beings who need to be treated right and deserve a long, happy, and healthy life. It can share a story of people who battled many medical conditions that were caused by animal products and that's their compelling reason to stick. Or passionate environmentalists that lead by example.

5. The Case for Eating Meat (The Counter-Argument)

Like any trial, it is only fair to hear both sides of the argument. We should really open our ears and compassionately listen to the logic people have for eating this way. It can be anything from culture passed down through the generations (they still eat guinni pigs in part of south america or dogs in some asian countries). We will show footage of the marketing from milk and dairy industry and then steve jobs being quoted talking about how this was one big advertising campaign. Is it better to show government lobbying and food pyramid connections to the meat industry here or in section 2? Doctors and how much they study nutrition. How do we stay unbiased and present counter-evidence simultaneously? Maybe that's best for 'the growth of the vegan world' section?

6. Backsliding - Making the Decision to Start Eating Animals Again

Show footage of the many famous people backsliding to a non-vegan diet and style of life. Show their reasoning for doing this and show medical doctors respond to those claims to see if eating animal products is necessary for them, or if there is a plant-based all-natural solution. Or what if we continue on the case for eating meat and lead into where it will lead us in 25, 50, 100 years, if nobody in the world was vegan...

7. A World Without Vegans (Apocalypse/Ominous Warning)

This is where we speed up and fast forward in time showing the downward spiral resulting in irreversible damage in parts of the environment. Show the diseases caused by animal products rapidly accelerating. Show a new bird flu pandemic sweeping the world worse than the current one, economy shutting down, war for resources like food and water. And the use of prescription drugs, obesity, disease, and death speeding up.

Until it's reached a breaking point, the damage is done, and it's already too late...

8. The Growth of the Vegan Movement

But fortunately, we are not at that point yet and we still have time, and the responsibility to BE the change. This is where we show clips of all the individuals and micro-movements in the vegan world working side-by-side working towards this one shared vision (that we outlined in the beginning of the documentary) of creating a vegan world. Footage of activists, vegan business owners, doctors, social media influencers, communities (Wisdomhaus), vegan politicians, and others working side-by-side united to build this vegan world.

10. A Lesson from History

Fast forward to 50 years in the future.

We can start this with a scene of a little girl in a desert type region kicking a soccer ball around, hinting at us going down the wrong path, having the meat-eaters win, and living in a desert-like world ridden with climate change. But she runs into a classroom and a teacher is giving a lesson in history talking about all the meat eaters of the past similar how we look back on slavery in the US. To show that it's just a part of a desert town, and the girl goes home into a healthy world and a family that is eating plant-based foods, energy-efficient cars, and animals roaming free. In a more compassionate world.

The documentary ends with her living on a place that used to be a large ranch for cattle slaughter - petting her animal friends showing them all free.

The End

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