Vegan Health Pack - 6 Month

Vegan Health Pack - 6 Month

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Each Month Has a New Theme! Our Subscription Boxes Contain 6-8 Shelf-Stable Vegan Foods Delivered to Your Door.

Our mission is to prove to you that healthy plant-based eating can taste absolutely delicious!

      Theme 1: Essential Nutrients - All-natural sources of B12, Calcium, Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc, Protein, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Real foods designed by nature, never in a lab.

      Theme 2: Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels - Doctor recommended and clinically researched foods that are designed to support healthy healthy cholesterol.

      Theme 3: Iron-Rich Foods - 80% of the world population suffers from inadequate iron levels and 30% have anemia from prolonged iron deficiency. Our iron-rich foods pack will bring awareness to this important condition. Don't forget to ask your doctor to check your levels and suggest the right solution for you.

      Theme 4:  Healthy Weight Loss - Discover delicious plant-based foods that serve as replacements for unhealthy alternatives.

      New Themes Every Month! - The pack you receive will be a new flavor assortment every month and it'll be a great surprise to see what you get!

      *Each person's nutritional requirements are unique. Please consult with a medical professional to determine if testing, medication, or dietary changes are right for you. We simply provide foods that contain certain nutrition elements.

      Order Online, Shelf-Stable, Delivered to Your Door

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